1. S

    Help! Troubleshooting P80 PF940C

    Hi, I built this awhile ago and am having trouble with it. Finally got around to posting here to figure out what the heck is wrong. When I went to test fire it would shoot reloaded 9mm I had but would have trouble with battery of the slide fully forward, had to give it a slap, while some PMC...
  2. D

    Pin Too Loose?

    I put in the lower parts for this build and turns out this pin is loose. The picture is not mine and only provided for reference as i am not home. I drop tested it and the pin doesn't come out, but when i give it a light push with the pin pusher tool it slides out with little to no resistance...
  3. Michele

    Tip! Rook Rails info video

    Rook Rails in P80
  4. Will - Shogun Customs

    Custom borders FTW :)

    This customer was pretty happy. I kept it simple with one build and went all out for the other one. Mods for the fancy one are: - Got rid of all the mold lines. Well almost all cuz I missed one 😫 - Deleted the slide lock dust cover or whatever it's called lol. It's that little notch under...