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Feb 26, 2022
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I can't even remember all the mods... let me know if anyone is interested in mods, I will try to list them all. Anyone else fan of Tron Legacy???

GGP G17 Gen 5 Slide
Tron Legacy CL Frame



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I loved Tron back then that was state of the art off the hook inside the machine story telling and videography. I do like my Swampfox optics although I prefer the red over the green. Nice opposing pistols.
Very creative and unique. Came out nice, thanks for sharing it. I like that you added an extra tone to it too, not just the blue and gold on black. The slide is very complimentary to the styling you chose.
That's QUITE imaginative....LOVE IT! I really liked TRON when it came out way back when in 1982, .but I've never seen Tron Legacy yet..

That's a great job. GREAT job.
I don't remember seeing this one Mooner.
Very well done. The frame mods are over the top great work.
That's great. I saw your other guns too, the ones with the space background. Very creative on all your guns I've seen, man. I love them!
I sand the steps/grooves off the rail section, and smooth the sharp edges too. It makes these p80s look sooo much better.
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Very creative on all your guns I've seen, man. I love them!
I just can't leave them alone. Once I learn new skills or tricks I wanna try them on all of them šŸ˜….

While browsing camo spray paint, this pop-up, gave a try and it's really interesting, color shift paint for cheap. Similar to gun candy cerakote job but on a budget.

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I just can't leave them alone. Once I learn new skills or tricks, I want to try them on all of them šŸ˜….

That is so true, I went back and redid some of my first builds after my skills improve. Some of my 19s have been redone at least three times now. I was checking out one last night that I think I might get in line for a redo.
how to u like the color shift paint ? Does it work ?
It is very shiny, similar to a clear coat it has a shine to it.... but it is cool to see in person... green to copper color depending on the angle, I didn't overspray, still pretty shine to it... def not a camo but... me likey~ šŸ˜

I really like that color!
I have a high polished copper barrel and looking for a color scheme to go with it. This is the color I think will really make copper pop.
I have to do some test paint, but I think I can take a metallic green with a drop or two of flat black to get the same color. Mabe a army green with black and satin clear might work too, any way I have to testing.