Crossbreed hits a home run with the Rogue

Bongo Lewi

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Feb 3, 2023
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I can't heap enough praise on this new Crossbreed Rogue all-kydex holster I recently bought. A break in tradition from Crossbreed, who popularized the hybrid. Some love hybrids... I'm not among them.

The Rogue supports a heavy, full size pistol IWB comfortably, retention is great, and it allows a lot of latitude for adjusting cant and height to your preferences. I will switch back to the OWB loops I bought with this holster (not shown) since this particular gun in the pic is mainly for matches and performing my routine range drills. I'm convinced the Rogue would be an excellent EDC IWB holster with a smaller pistol as well. I'm going to order another for both my normal EDC rotation of a Hellcat and Hellcat Pro. I'm a long time Vedder fanboy, but this Rogue fits me like a glove.

The pistol is a Springfield Prodigy DS. The 5 inch model w/ the HEX Dragonfly optic. Awesome full size carry or race gun. I'd compare it with my Staccato - except it's half the price. The Staccato XC is unquestionably a finer, exceptionally well made pistol and I like it, but the Prodigy is a lot of gun for the money. I've put somewhere close to 2k rounds thru it. It's run flawlessly since it came out of the box.