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May 2, 2023
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This slide went on sale a couple of weeks ago.

It was built on a Mercury Precision slide. The main thing that attracted me was the slide is supposed to be 17-4 stainless steel. Who is Mercury Precision? No earthly idea. I chose the unassembled option. I wanted to get a good look at each component or their JE Machine upper parts. It truly was all individual springs and parts, I had to put together each and every part.

So lets get started. I went to fit the firing pin safety. It was too snug and wouldn't move up and down. Not gritty or snagging in any particular spot. Got the plunger out and gave it a look. The plunger itself is pretty good looking. It measures the correct diameter. The hole looks fine with no obvious burrs. I had a 6mm reamer so I chased the hole. It didn't snag on anything going in. I'm guessing the cause was a very light overspray of Cerakote in the hole. While the plunger was out, I spun it against my fine diamond stone to see if there were any burrs on it. It was clean so I hit it with some polishing compound the make it shine. The safety is working fine.

The back plate is a cheesy all plastic oversized piece of junk. The bottom fouled the frame going on and extra width muffin topped over the back of the slide. Junk bin, replaced with an OEM part.

Firing pin. It says it is electropolished and is indeed very bright and shiny. No idea what it is made of or if it is MIM or machined. No marks to indicated either. I built up the firing pin with their parts. It went in but was very stiff moving. I've seen this before, it's usually the spring. OEM spring in and it is the same, stiff and won't pass the jiggle test. Spring cups look iffy and deformed like they are rubbing. OEM spring cups in , no change. New channel liner, no change. I grabbed a spare PSA firing pin assembly and it works and jiggles like a firing pin should. I could have used this but it is a spare for my Dagger. I looked at the JE Machine firing pin and noticed a rub spot on the front of it. Thank you bright part and Cerakote overspray. I smoothed this spot with the diamond stone and now it works as it should. It didn't take much at all.

No issues fitting any of the other parts. All the OEM parts I swapped were less than $10 worth total.

Overall impression of the slide is this. The machine work is on par or a little better than my PSA slides. I have a basic KM Tactical slde. This slide is a notch or three better than the KM. Machine cuts are crisper, the Cerakote finish is more even. It seems a little tighter on the same frame. The final exam will be at the range soon.
I've been to the range twice with this slide of a P80 and Dagger lower. I seem to recall a few malfunctions early but today it ate everything when on the Dagger frame. Not as accurate as others setups I have and I'm going to have to drift the sight to the right and a bit off center to get it on the bullseye. I'm not pulling shots, I drilled the bullseye with the other gun. Maybe I'm just making excuses to get a nice copper barrel? TiN barrel? Chameleon? Big windows to show it off.

Of note, I tried a PSA recoil spring assembly and it just falls out. No problems with the supplied RSA or OEM. The spring rest at the front is noticeably thinner than my Daggers.