Furmac the mighty

Gonna need a bigger shovel....and look...he knows you have that hauler for his dogfood. "papa loves me..." life is good. :ROFLMAO:
Ive been looking at a 301 Cat Excavator, but probably get the 310 just to be safe.
30weeks old & 72lbs, hes at the 3/4mark for growth 😎.

Had to take passenger seat out, everytime I start it up. He crawls up there and refuses to move till we go around the yard
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He maxed out a 22" collar. Have to order 1 online lol.
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Size 11.5 sneaker for reference. Managed to find 4 people this week that braved the fierce beast looks to stop and pet him.
Cried like a little girl ( no really, it sounds like lil girl- so sad) flopped on ground and pitched a tantrum when they walked away.
Warned the guy this morning that he's a jumper and excites easily. He went to church with a big ol paw print on his tie lol. Dude was cool about it.
8months and 84lbs🙄. Ive gotten 20+ people to brave the fierce look of this death dealing beast, only to find a love sponge that will pitch a fit, scream like a girl( HILARIOUS) and throw himself on the ground if they stop petting him.
Shameful it is. Sister being attacked and her hand


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It took him 6months but he did it. He broke a boat bumper. 8months old and MIGHTY INDEED ROFLMAO
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8months pushing 90lbs but not there yet.
So we've interacted with close to 30 strangers ( the 1s not too terrified , if they give me a sense of fear. I wont let them approach) he loves every1 so far. Talking fall down scream like a girl , bronco twirling, hugs and kisses. Problem with bicycles, but to be expected- strong chase instincts. Respects fence line from inside, extremely territorial though while in fence 👍👍
Met 3 dogs on walks, all was good till they nutted up. Then he shows out, but not aggressively. More - ya know I shit things bigger then you dont you.
He actually cries when the walker or setter comes by. People are getting use to him. He is a scary looking little chaos demon.
Im beginning to think atleast some of memory issues from this TBI are infact K9 kleptomania. Like why would a take a steel rim and tire off the trailer, only to hide it 50yds away in the bushes instead of repairing it??????? Hmmmmm 🤔🤔🤔
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New stator came in for mower
It looks like you've successfully graduated Obedience School... :D

PS: YOU, not Furmac... ;)
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If any 1s around Southern Georgia & wants to make a quick $20. I need the other tire & its under the house somewhere.
Took awhile, but I got the stator back. Got a good video of him walking away with 1 of my Snapper tires.
We love us some air hose. Way easier then brushing the fluffy off him 3x aday.
9months atleast 100lbs. Id weigh him but he stole the scale & buried it under the house, probably next to the tires.
Dont know why it always double ups on my uploads???? Only uploaded 4pics. Posted each 2x🤯
Just watch out for blowing too hard into his ears... :eek:

If he doesn't understand the word "NO!" maybe he will understand the word "NEIN!" :unsure:;)
Lmao, O lik MF understands it alright. He just refuses to submit.
I keep it around 35psi when blowing him off. Does the same with the water hose. SHIT! LIL jackass does something when Im in the shower. I got PTSD from it. Got a 2x4 braced against the door now.

When Im serious he does listen. But he's got issues and Im an enabler lmao