Low power 9mm


Mar 7, 2022
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Anyone have any recommendations on low power 9mm to start testing a P80 build?

My first thought was Winchester white box, 115gr FMJ. But maybe there's something better?
Right now 9mm is coming back, do you reload or know someone that does ? I have never seen any low power on sale. Winchester white box would be good as any. Do you live anywhere near Lakeland FL if you do private message me I'll try to help you out I've been reloading for 20 years of more.
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Appreciate the offer, but I'm on the other coast :)
I don't reload, but white box is usually available, think I still have some.
Appreciate the help.
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I don't know the relative "power" of WWB. But, man... I used it to initially test my first build, and the points of impact on the target were so "all-over-the-place," I thought there was something wrong with the gun.

Then I used Federal Champion, and MUCH better. WWB is crap. It will fire and cycle the gun. But, just don't judge your gun or YOURSELF by the shot groups! LOL!
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I need to find some +P 9mm target rounds.
Found standard 9mm FMJ. But no +P
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I don't know if I've ever seen +P FMJ, JHP for sure. Maybe try ammoseek.com and play with the keywords in the search function.
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Think it was Focci? However you spell it. Few yrs back, got some to run in my calico and spectre-Flat point fmj. Almost semi wadcutters.
Just wishful thinking :(
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I didn't read the replies, but if you go too weak it might cause cycling issues with a new p80 build.
I did a G26 p80 and it gave me all kinds of problems at first, because I was using 115gr econo fmj ammo. I've never had problems with other p80 builds, just the g26 one.
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