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Our dog agreed with us on ignoring the covid hysteria signs.
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Thank God for robot vacuums.
My word, do robot vacuums work without clogging up too much? Silly me, I never really used it for that. Someone in my family gave me one of those and my dog didn't like the noise. Sold it on Craigslist because I never used it.

My method for dusting and getting the hair off the floor is opening the front and back door and get some air moving! I drag my air hose in from the shop and just dust the furniture and floors all in one go with compressed air. Super fast and no hassle! Particularly the dusting around cluttered shelves with pictures and stuff and in the nooks and crannies in corners. You don't have to move the crap around. Air goes right around it.

No joke. Try it. Perfect for a pet household. Get a good air nozzle that is not an off and on switch that regulates well with a gentle squeeze. You may have to convince the wife about your cleverness, or tackle the dusting chore when she ain't around and blend her into the new system gently over time.

But this 21st century modern luxury disappeared a long time ago when I moved to a bigger property with the shop hundreds of feet away.

Kinda redneck sounding, but if I built a new home I would plumb the interior walls with PVC. Very cheap and air everywhere for dusting keyboards, printers, tvs, you name it. Plumb it right near your desk and for sure one next to the bathtub faucet for rebuilding your tranny and engine blocks in the tub! LOL. :p
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My son's ex-GF's cat Onyx, which I am pretty sure we have inherited. Little savage brought this into the patio the other day. :rolleyes: I was hoping he would move from lizards to mice but apparently skipped a step... :) Tortoise didn't even phase him and he just kept licking himself. :D

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