Product Review PSA Complete Slide "Unboxing", SW1, RMR, SS Crown Barrel, Black DLC Slide, 1/3 Co-W Sights


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Nov 14, 2022
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Central Florida
PSA Complete Slide "Unboxing", SW1, RMR, Stainless Crown Barrel, Black DLC Slide, 1/3 Co-W Sights LINK
This is a Gen3 Glock 19 size slide.
(PSA photo)
This slide was bought during the PSA Memorial Day Sale. I also bought a deck of PSA playing cards, a PSA mag release and donated $1 to GOA. Total with FL sales tax and $10 shipping was $232. Ordered on Sunday night, received on Friday (I'm in Central FL). This was the SECOND slide I ordered that weekend. 😎 :rolleyes:

Friday night I ordered the first slide below, standard solid DLC black RMR slide with threaded barrel for $190. With sales tax and shipping it was about $212 plus the other stuff above. I was thinking that PSA wouldn't be shipping until Tuesday, and if I changed my mind and/or found something more suitable (I was really looking for a non-threaded barrel) I could just "cancel the order".

But NOOOOOO, after buying the second slide Sun. night, my first order was already marked "shipped" and couldn't be cancelled! :unsure: I figured I'd call first thing Tuesday to see what the dealeo was and to cancel the order by phone, if possible. Worst case scenario I'd end up with an extra RMR slide with threaded barrel that would either get used OR would be an easy sell locally to get my money back.

(PSA photo)
Tuesday morning at 9am I called PSA, got Mike after less than a minute wait and lo and behold, the packing boys at PSA were working over the weekend and in fact, my first slide had already been shipped! 😲:)(y) But he quickly and willingly put a "return to sender" out on the first package. Tracking it afterwards, I determined it had already made it to my local UPS hub in Longwood, FL (north of Orlando). It would have been delivered the next day, Wednesday! :( Regret set in and I wish I hadn't cancelled but I figured there will be more sales and I really need a 17 slide, anyway... Mike told me there would be no charge for the return and that all my money would be back in my bank account in 10 days. I received the refund in about 8 days. :) This was a very favorable customer service experience! (y)

Back to the evaulation: the slide came well-packed in a form-fitting long square box along with the sight cover and screws. The pics show the instructions, disassembled, comparo to a OEM Gen4 G19 slide, Deadpool Edition. The frame is a (Freedom) FrankenWolf Gen3/Gen4 with OEM guts that the DP slide normally lives on. I'll post about that build at a later date...

pslide1.jpg pslide2.jpg pslide3.jpg

pslide4.jpg pslide5.jpg pslide6.jpg pslide7.jpg pslide8.jpg

This PSA slide is very well machined and finished. I didn't feel any sharp edges where they shouldn't be. I would almost call it "Richard Rubbingly Smooth". ;) This is what they call their "carry cut" and I actually prefer the look over the Glock brick. Like Racer's "tank", this one grew on me throughout the day and I must have looked at it a dozen times and had it in and out of my cart 3-4 times. 😄 Not wanting to "lose" it from my cart because of OOS, (which had happened earlier in the week) I eventually just had to buy it and be done with it! 💸 It is a really nice slide in person, at least this one is. I could put a polish on the barrel and really make it pop but maybe not. The muzzle chamfer looks nice. I'm concerned about sand getting in the holes in the side but they allow a nice contrast of the barrel.

I mounted the slide assy to the FW frame as shown and it bench-functioned with no problems. Trigger go "boink", reset nice and tight, discon worked as designed. I didn't have a dummy round with me to test feeding, but the ramp looked similar to the OEM DP barrel so I'm sure it will be fine. I swapped barrels and put the slides back on and bench tested again and there were no problems. It was (and still is) ready for a live-fire test at the range.

Which brings me to the sights. I don't have an RMR reflex to put on yet. I WAS ready to give the slide a trial-by-fire the next day, Saturday, at a "Steel Action" match my neighbor invited me to. I would just use the 1/3 Co-W sights hoping they were "sighted in". More on the match in another post--it was a blast! 😊 Since I'm not ready to get a full comp rig as it was my first time, I constructed the po' boy rig below. The rig worked great! (that'll be another post showing the jig and heating, etc). I had the belt and I had the Glock holster and mag pouches so why not use them? 🤷‍♂️ The rig went outside of my shorts like a gunslinger belt but worked good and was tight. The only gun that would fit the holster was the FW--the PF940C has issues with the rail and bottom trigger guard bumps. :rolleyes: I was ready to run the PSA slide the next day but the sights were just too tall for the Glock holster and it took finegeling to get the FW out of the holster... :( I contemplated swapping the sights from the DP slide but the PSA was still untested so it would have/could have been a risk...

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Nice job. I like the contour work on that new slide, as it downplays the usual slab-sidedness of the OEM Glock design. So many GREAT examples of artwork and craftsmanship are shown in this forum by many in their builds- and I guess you can say the Glock style lends quite a blank, flat canvas; but those contours on your new slide downplay the typical Glock “blockiness” even more. Only so much can be done, but it makes a difference!

And it’s great when things work right at the range for break-in. Congratulations !!