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Feb 26, 2022
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Welcome fellow Patriot Gun Builders! I'm going to keep this very basic.
  1. If you are a felon, otherwise prohibited from owning a firearm, or are seeking advice on circumventing the law, simply go away. This is a forum for law-abiding citizens who are at least 18 years old.
  2. Be nice. I don't mind (actually like) spirited discussions. But, please don't make any personal threats. Also, name-calling is beneath our dignity, eh? If your purpose is to simply ridicule or harass other members, you'll be invited to go elsewhere. (Reddit groups are great for that!)

  3. If you "dox" another member (revealing identity, location, etc.) without that person's consent, you will be banned immediately and permanently.

  4. This forum is "R-Rated," not "X-Rated." Let's try to keep it "classy."
    Language: We're all adults here, and I'm a Navy veteran. I don't care much about the language you use, except racial or ethnic epithets.
    Images: Don't post pornography or pornographic images. For our purposes, nudity is "porn."

  5. Don't get me or yourself into legal trouble. That means no threats of violence against any person, group of people, corporation, agency, or government entity. It also means we cannot promote or advocate for breaking any federal laws. Also know and abide by your own state's laws.

  6. Don't post copyrighted materials from another site or source to this forum (unless you own the copyright). Don't repost another author's work. Just because it's online, it doesn't mean it's free for the taking. That means you can't even copy / paste the content of an article from a news source. You can post a short excerpt and a link. Please don't copy / paste the entire thing.

    However you CAN copy / quote something posted within this forum by any member (from one thread to another or one comment to another).

  7. Blatant (unpaid) advertising will be deleted. If you're a vendor, share your knowledge. If you give, you'll get. If you're interested in advertising or sponsorship, email us at

  8. No offers for sale or trade of firearms. I may change this as I learn more about potential liabilities or lack thereof. For now, we do have a buy / sell / trade section for all other items: The PGB Exchange. Please read the rules there. And it is on you to know federal and state laws as they pertain to all the above.

  9. If your sole purpose is to troll, you'll be banned. (Reddit groups love trolls!)

  10. I am not responsible for any advice given here on the forum. Guns are dangerous. Home built guns are just as dangerous and can go "kaboom." Do your homework. Be smart. Be careful. Observe all firearms safety rules! Do proper function and safety testing of your builds with snapcaps or dummy rounds. Don't hurt yourself or anyone around you.

  11. I reserve the right to change my mind about any of this without notice. But, my goal is to NOT micromanage or treat members like children. I am not "woke" or "politically correct." Ultimately, which posts get to stay are at the discretion of the Admin and Moderators.

  12. Have fun! Learn. Share. Or as we used to say in the Navy: See one. Do one. Teach one!

  13. In case you didn't pay attention when you registered, maybe read these pages again: Terms and rules and (separately) Privacy policy.
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