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Feb 27, 2022
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Hey everyone, I am in process of some new fun and I am thinking about changing the sights up a bit for this one. I don't plan on putting a Red/Green Dot on it and it is an OEM Glock 19 Gen 3 slide. I have traditionally used TruGlow tritium standard sights for my non red dot configurations. I am think about the following and would love for your Input and or suggestions on your own experiences.

1. Precision Matchpoint USA Sights.

2. AmeriGlo GL-125 Ghost Ring sights.

3.Meprolight Mepro, Hyper-Bright Fixed V tritium sights.

4 Strike Industries- Iron Sights for Glock


Thanks Guy and Gals! Let's see what you've got!?!?

Night Fision Tritium - Amazon and PA sell just the front sights, and save money on the rear sights. I usually reverse the OEM rear sight

1,2,4 never tried, I like 3rd one, looks similar to Night Fision Tritium.
They all look pretty cool, but I have a thing about sights being low profile, the Match Point, in addition to being a bit steeply-priced for something without Tritium, look a bit tall to me. Intriguing design, but I think it would take a bit of training to really utilize them optimally, and I would be concerned about losing my 'feel' for my 3-dot sights.
#2 (ring) is maybe a good compromise, and if they are true Night Sights the pricing is decent.
#3 Meprolight "V" is cool, probably wouldn't need much re-training to get used to it -in fact my Gen 2 G19 has a very similar set, which uses five individual lines -two per side flanking the U-cut, and one underscoring the cut -acquisition is very fast and the flanking lines give a good referenced 'elevation' adjustment for more precision shooting at longer distances. Very OLD set, the rears are mostly dead at this point, the front dot died a few years ago at ~25 YEARS of service (probably the last 5 years they were too dim to be used in any light bright enough to actually see what I was targeting, but still...). Mine are Ameriglo, IIRC, but I have had Meprolight too and the quality is very good.
The SI option (#4) is nothing special, cheaper than Tritium, but OEM Glock works well (probably better) and can be found cheaper.

Like you, I have been riding the TruGlow band-wagon, as they have been available very cheaply over the last couple of years. I like Tritium sights because of their dim-lighting function, I am hesitant to put money out on anything that is a step backwards from there. I guess bottom-line for me is they need to be a good value, and they need to work. Iron-sights usually work🤪, so the next big concern to me is price. I don't need 'em fancy.😉
I have so many builds with Truglo sights I am looking just to switch it up a bit. I have used many suppressor height sights with my Trijicon and Holosun's but as I said these are going solo. I am very intrigued by the Meprolight set so far. I am working on my stipple action right now (Scary) 😱 🤣🤣