Vortex updates their RDS : Vortex defender

Bongo Lewi

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Feb 3, 2023
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Nice. Good to see Vortex keeping pace and rolling out new product. I'm a long time Vortex optics fan. Good value for the money. I have used Venoms for a while and found them to be super reliable. But the technology was really starting to seem dated compared to other products in the market. I'll move my older Vortex optics to a PCC or Shockwave. They can handle the recoil and maintain zero. The new, smaller optics with the latest features will go on my full size pistols.

I dont bother with optics on micro 9 conceal carry pistols. If you can't hit your mark at 7-10 yards without optics I suggest hiring a security detail or move to a nicer neighborhood. :) Sub compact pistols are not ideal for making a long shot - beyond 25 yards. Aggravated assaults are always up close and personal and bad guys don't usually announce their intentions in advance.

Now, if the need to take out a threat at 25-50 yards occurs, I'd reach for the PCC with a prismatic sight. And call my lawyer. I believe in that situation it's always best to begin with a warning:
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I took advantage of the introductory price from my ol' buddy Joe Bob. I'll post a Defender review when it arrives.
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Feb 26, 2022
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Looks nice! I have a Vortex Viper HST on my Ruger Precision Rifle. It's been excellent. And at $640 (at the time), it is an excellent value. I've fired that rig successfully out to 1,000 yards.

One curious thing about this new Vortex RDS... the auto-off feature is listed at 14 hours. So, it (finally) turns off after 14 HOURS? If it's an EDC, long before that time has elapsed (overnight), I'd likely be picking it back up. So it will never turn off.

The Holosun turns off after 10 minutes (and can be adjusted for longer - 1 hour / 12 hours / disable). That makes more sense to me.

The Vortex has multiple brightness settings (good), but the specs don't indicate whether it has an auto-brightness feature.

Now they need a green LED option. :)

Thanks for posting. Vortex makes good stuff and worthy of consideration. Word is that their customer service is also excellent (though I haven't needed it, yet).