What are you using on your RDS screw threads?

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Apr 2, 2022
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I've read some use loctite blue, others say that's a no-no; some say Loctite 222 Purple, others say it isn't strong enough; others say to only use VibraTite VC-3.

I'm to that stage now and don't want to regret my choice when I secure this RDS to the slide. Thanks!
Thx Michele. That's what I have here and what I'll likely use. Do you apply it and install the fastener wet, or put it on the threads and let it dry before install like some suggest? I usually just put a dab on and install it wet and then let it dry overnight.
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Thanks, Mooner. Very informative!
Blue Loctite (stick or tube version, I use the stick now) and Vibra-tite both have never failed me.
If you have a screw secured with a Loctite product that is not wanting to budge, and you're worried about rounding off the corners on the hex wrench, or shearing off the screw head, take the tip of a pencil type soldering iron and hold it to the screw for a few seconds. This will soften the Loctite and make removal easier. This is a must if Red Loctite was used on something. (hopefully not on a gun) We used Red on stern drive upper gear case assemblies and you weren't getting that nut off without heat.
Blue Loctite has never failed me, either. After watching that video now I'm worried about screw trimming. It's always something! :rolleyes:
You want to make sure the screw doesn't stick into the extractor plunger channel plus you want to make sure that there is not any thread locker in the channel either.

Good point! "A little dab will do ya!"

My kits have come with one screw shorter than the other... the short one intended for the side where the plunger channel is.