Question What happened to the Sig P250?

Mako 13

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Mar 8, 2022
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Western NC USA

Yes I know about the 320.
What happened to the P250 was it dropped from Sigs line?

I bought my P250 first year. A 10 shot 45acp it called to me & I bought one.
Being of sound mind, I bought this pistol with 6 Mags & went to the range.

FTF, FTF & everything in between I was not ready for the problems I encountered with this pistol.
It was not like a stock 1911 & it will not feed Hollow points. It was doing this with S&B 230 ball just out of the blue.

I don't want to drag you through the year of dealing with Sig to get this thing to run right.
Today after every part in the Chassis was replaced & they screwed me for another barrel $200.00 & I can't use it.

I have worked on guns for money since 1980 & have never seen a gun like this. I can see why Sig lost the large LE contract in Europe
with the P250. You can't find spares for this pistol then or now.

Anyone else have a P250 & had trouble with it?