Who EDCs a First Aid kit?


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Feb 26, 2022
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Or has one in their car? Their range bag?

This is an area I have admittedly neglected. I'd like to (eventually) take a firearms-specific First Aid course. I have not yet purchased a gun shot specific first aid kit, either.

Plus, after 6 months of this forum's existence, this section hadn't had a post yet! :poop:
Geez I'm terrible on first aid, I don't even have a good kit in my house, aside from a few random items in my bathroom. I should get one.
A combat veteran on youtube has an AR setup video and he keeps a tourniquet attached to his AR's stock. I guess it's more fun to think about sights and grips than bleeding out.
My last first aid situation was my hand slipping on my table saw which took a chunk out of two finger tips. My first aid was 5 paper towels and a 20 minute drive to the ER. They directly injected anesthetic into each finger which was far more painful than the actual injury. At least I got 5 percocets out of it. And with a useless right hand a good excuse to do nothing for a couple weeks.
My first trauma kit was from Backpack Bleeding Control Kit. I like his youtube channel and want to support him.

After a youtube binge on med kit content, I knew one kit was not gonna be enough. I planned to have at least one kit in each car, range bag, backpack, etc. I did quick math and wow it was going to be really expensive. Instead of buying the full kit, I hunts and waited for deals for trauma kit supplies and bags.


These two were from When All Else Fails Kits going out of the business sale. $22 shipped

I saw AR500 Quick Detach IFAK, looks awesome but full kit was over $100. Luckily I saw AR500 had an ebay store. Bag was on sale for $30 shipped.

For EDC I have G43x on Phlster Enigma with CAT7 TQ instead of extra mag. Carrying extra mag is a hot topic but we can discuss my reason on different thread.

I do carry backpack almost everyday. Started to put trauma kit in backpack but it filled so much I can not really use backpack for anything else. So I looked flat package kit on the market. Phlster has flat package gimmick but I end up making my own out of clear plastic bag. I just used packaging tapes to semi secure on clear plastic bag.

Depends on you level of training or knowledge you probably don't need full kit. Start with few basic and add additional supplies as you get more training or knowledge how to use it. Like anything else, it is your gear your preference.
I keep an IFAK in my backpack that I daily carry. I keep medical scissors, gauze (non-stick), Neosporin, bandaids, 2 tampons, suture kit, 2 chest seals, 2 Torq's, quick-clot (gauze type, not powder), small bottle of iodine, and a basic info card aboutyself that I laminated. (Name, next of kin, phone number,blood type, children's names, what I'm allergic too, religion, etc...) I had a retired EMT go through it and help set it up, then spend time with me teaching me what situations call for what in the kit, and how to properly deploy everything. CPR/AED, Basic Life saving, and combat life saving certified, and also have my Bloodborne pathogen certification. I just re-certified last month actually.
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