Amazing Manufacturing Process for Bullets, Ammunition and Projectiles - Machines & Modern Technology

That was a very cool video , I have been reloading for about 25 years on all Dillon equipment.
Ammunition should be dirt cheap and plentiful like the air we breath and the dirt under our feet. Somehow, we need to improve the processes and materials in the same way we have refined about everything in the past 50 years so itā€™s produced in every town, neighborhood so we can stop worshipping the ammunition gods who bless us with the ration of ammo we can barely afford like the porridge for Tiny Tim. šŸ˜‰
Watching the fabrication machines is hypnotic / mesmerizing.

What amazes me (and we never hear about it) is when I consider the process of designing and fabrication of the assembly line machines themselves. Real life "Rube Goldberg."
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