Another great reason to buy an EV...

Ironically Predictably, they didn't benefit.
Fixed that for you. :)

Perhaps Donald Trump's best quote:

“The problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that socialism has been faithfully implemented."​

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Instead of pumping billions into decades of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the US could have bought Venezuela. Like Alaska, except warmer and the women are better looking. :)
BL- yep sweet = low sulfur.

In other news, has anybody been noticing more and more African nations kicking out those who have controlled ans dominated their resources? Niger, Gabon. Etc. They are taking back their own countries. Gabon just close down one of their mines that was being run by western bankers…it’s about time.

These nations have been kept in poverty and subservient to France, etc far too long. Now if they can self-govern and not turn into more Ugandas…